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Access Robust Support Services and Enhance Your Career Prospects

Here at Edu and Me, the training programs we provide is just the beginning of how we help you get ahead. Through our robust Employment and Placement Support services, we can connect you with companies that can offer you meaningful placement or full-time employment as well as with recruiters that can assist in your job search. We care about your success more than anyone else, so we are with you in every step of your journey.

About Us
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Expert in Your Corner

Proactive Guidance

Ideal Match

Zero Additional Charges


Get Your Foot in the Door

Skillfully position yourself for career success. We will assist you in getting your foot in the door by equipping you with essential tools and letting you in on the right connections. Take a look at how our Employment and Placement Support services work.


Gearing You Up for Success

Starting and building a career is challenging. But, we are here to prepare and guide you in landing the job of your dreams.

Training Programs

Our range of training programs will help in equipping you with in-demand skills that will let you thrive in today’s tech-driven economy.

Employment and Placement Support

Give your job search efforts with a much-needed boost from our team that is ready to polish your CV and forward it to our partner companies and recruiters.