Graphic Design and Placement Support Program

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Our Graphic Design and Placement Support Program helps you develop proficiency in the graphic design process, along with its core concepts, techniques and tools, so you can credibly help businesses convey the right message as well as complex information through visual means. It also offers you the opportunity to further establish your design skills and showcase your creativity by letting you work on a range of design projects using industry-standard tools. On top of the learning experience, we provide support for graphic design placement through our partnership with a number of companies throughout the UK, including those involved in graphic design, advertising and corporate branding, web design, print media, corporate identification, visual communication and communication arts.

 Graphic Design Program

  • Comprehensive and challenging program that will equip you with vital knowledge, skills, techniques and tools used in graphic design.
  • Learn how to use industry-standard tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and much more!
  • Gain relevant hands-on experience by accomplishing a variety of design projects, including logo design, magazine ad, typography poster, custom brochures, Ebook, business cards and portfolio website.
  • Build a comprehensive portfolio of projects you have completed and use it to demonstrate your skills and experience in graphic design.
  • Receive a valid certificate confirming your learning experience and skills and use it to support your job applications.

Key Concepts Covered in the Program 

  • Creative Design Process
  • Design Elements
  • Typography and Colour Usage
  • Layout and Spacing
  • Information Hierarchy
  • Packaging and Exporting Files
  • Tools of the Trade

How the Program Works 

The program is delivered entirely online, allowing you to access it from home. It is also self-regulated, which means you can learn and complete the projects at your own terms. With this flexibility, you can also maintain your work or academic schedule by learning part-time—once or twice a week in the evening or at any time during the day that is convenient for you.

We are confident in the quality of our program that we are certain you will be able to gain skills that will make you qualified to pursue a graphic designer role in no time. 

Placement Support Program 

Upon completion of the course, we will help send your CV to our partner companies so you can secure a role working as a trainee graphic designer. Rest assured that we will polish up your CV to highlight your new ability, which should give you a competitive advantage and help you find a great role.

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